Life is funny sometimes

You could not make this up….
I have been waiting since February for electricity north west to come to shroud a small section of electrical cable which is close to the last downspout which needs repair following our 180K church roof repair project.. the first time the men in the van came they said that their ladders were not long enough… then followed two attempts with longer ladders which had to be scrapped because the ladders failed the health and safety checks… apparently they were the only two ladders the whole firm owned…. I found out today that they need to order a whole new set of ladders and the store manager is on “high alert” to receive the ladders and call the men with the van so that they can come straight to the Church as soon as they are logged into the store… This was all relayed to me by a lovely man from ENWL called Simon who ended this sorry tale with a sharp intake of breath as he said “Oh My Word!”.. then he began to giggle as he said “Do you want to accelerate this to a complaint?”… How can you complain about something that has given so much amusement….? Our poor contractors have kept to time and budget but are defeated by one downspout and ENWL…..
I wonder when the ladders will arrive…. and if they will arrive at the right depot…..DSC05257.JPG

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